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We are the Heart of Henderson!

Welcome to your local RSA. Not only are we the heart of Henderson, but we are in the heart of Henderson. We are close to public transport and have rock-star parking for everyone. We’ve got scrumptious meals at affordable prices, a kid-safe, family-friendly environment, and fun stuff for everyone to do.

    • Red Poppy Restaurant
    • Sports bar
      • 4 snooker tables
      • 3 pool tables
      • 5 big screen televisions
      • 6 dart boards
    • Live entertainment
    • Military Library

The Three Ethos of any RSA:

We Welcome

We have made it easy for everyone in the Henderson community to join. The New Zealand RSA family is the largest organisation in the country with over 105,000 members. We want members of the community to benefit from our safe and family-friendly environment. In fact, our membership joining policies are less strict than they used to be. Everyone is welcome to enjoy our facilities, although non-members will need to be signed in. We have a wide range of activities and entertainment – something you don’t find at other establishments. The Henderson RSA is a place where families can bring their children, have a great, affordable meal, and relax after a long day at work.

We Support

Not only does the Henderson RSA Welfare Trust support our local veterans with services such as transport to appointments and advice on applying for war pensions, but we also support any member who is in need. We believe in helping our youth thrive through programmes dedicated to leadership and youth development. In fact, we just donated money to a very deserving teenager who needed help getting to Dresden, Germany where he competed in the international junior diving championship. We can’t wait to watch him compete in the Olympics! When you pay for a meal, or choose our venue to celebrate a special occasion, a portion of that money goes to helping your community. I know most people would consider that money well spent.

We Remember

The RSA was initially founded in 1916, when the Anzacs were returning from World War One. RSA’s around New Zealand were formed to cater to and provide solace to the service men and women and their families during that difficult transition time. It is our honour to take on the “guardianship of remembrance” for all of those brave souls that have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and our continued peace.

The Henderson RSA Honours the Past, Present, and Future.

While the RSA will always be a safe haven for those that bravely serve our country, we feel that the community would benefit from the RSA opening its doors to everyone. As such, we have made it easier for members of the Henderson community to join. By joining your local RSA, you are not only getting a great deal and a family-friendly environment, you are actually making a donation that will help your community thrive.