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Everyone is welcome at the Henderson RSA. Make us Your Local!

You do not have to be a certain age or have served in the military to join the RSA. It is as easy as downloading the forms below and returning them to the Henderson RSA office. If you do not know anyone at the club to second your application, you can still join by coming into the office and talking to one of our friendly staff members.

The Benefits of Membership

In addition to our amazing facilities, delicious and affordable food, plus our friendly staff, there are even more reasons for you to make the Henderson RSA your local club. By joining the Henderson RSA, you automatically have visitation rights to over 300 Clubs across New Zealand, as well as Australia, Canada, and Britain. We offer weekly cash draws every Wednesday and Friday. You also receive loyalty reward points when you spend money at the bar. You can use these points to pay membership fees or even buy a round of drinks for your friends. Our members enjoy live entertainment every weekend, as well as the leisure and sporting groups. There is truly something for everyone.

  • Pool: Every Wednesday night from 7pm plus Regular monthly competitions!
  • Snooker: Every Tuesday night from 7 pm and a summer league
  • Fishing: Go out on a charter boat and catch the big one!
  • Darts: Regular monthly competitions!
  • Golf: Enjoy competitions at various golf courses
  • Indoor Bowls: Weekly games on Monday & Wednesday from 12pm plus tournaments on the 1st Sunday of every month!
  • Military Library: The Club is amassing an excellent collection of reading from our military past.


The Cost of Membership:

  • Yearly membership costs
  • Returned service members $25
  • Associate member $35 for new members
  • Associate member $30 for returning members


Download Your Membership Form Below